How to Install Skirting Boards

The purpose of skirting boards is just to help hide the space between the floor and the wall. It appears as simple as gluing and nailing when fixing them to a plasterboard wall, but then drilling into a masonry wall is no simple task. It requires a little more attention, especially when you are dealing with MDF skirting boards.

Gather your supplies

· MDF skirting boards

· Construction adhesive

· White wall plugs

Other things you will need

Wood putty; hammer; power saw; coping saw; 65mm nails; drill; nail punch;5mm masonry drill; sandpaper; acrylic gap filler; painting equipment; selected enamel paint; undercoat

This is how you go about it…

Step 1

You will have to cut enough skirting to suit the length of the wall, which can allow extra space for miter joints. At the external corners cut where necessary to make a 45 degrees angle.

Step 2

Create a scribed joint where the skirting boards meet at internal corners. Push one side of the skirting into a corner, then scribe a second piece by cutting an angle of 45 degrees and using coping saw, cut along a line where the face of skirting meets the angled cut. Then butt this cut into the face of the first skirting that you have already fixed.

Step 3

Mark the wall for plugs by placing the skirting board against the wall, then drive a nail through it until it touches the wall.

Step 4

Remove the skirting board then using the 5mm masonry drill bit make a hole in the wall where it has been marked by the nail.

Step 5

Now use the hammer to hit the white wall plug to get into the hole and then make flush with the wall.

Step 6

Spread the construction adhesive along the back of the skirting board then place it against the wall and hammer nails through it into the wall plug.

Step 7

Using the nail punch, knock the head of the nail under the surface of the board.

Step 8

Fill the holes with wood putty then let it dry and then smoothen using sand. Fill the gap between skirting and the wall with gap filler, and do the same for the corners of the skirting board. Spot the prime filled areas and then paint with enamel paint.